The Yurt goes up.

Yesterday was the perfect day to get the yurt up. Beautifully sunny all day, no wind.

Pat has re-newed big sections of the deck, the trees around the yurt have been trimmed right back, so we were ready to start the build.

The yurt is made from oak and ash, and each year it seems a little heavier than the last. We missed having Will’s young strength and lythe figure to help us. I can just squeeze through the yurt wheel to pull up the canvas, but its tight! And my strength is going!

So after a long day, the structure is up, its lined with new thick wadding, and the inner lining is freshly washed.

Today, the wood burner will go in, the chimney will be built, and the floor varnished.

2 thoughts on “The Yurt goes up.”

  1. Liza,

    Thanks for the update. We’re really looking forward to our visit at the end of May. We’re starting building work in mid May your haven will be just what we need.

    Can I make a request of you. I’d like to purchase some more of the glass lollipops and ladders (apologies for the description) just like the ones we purchased last year. Can you make some?


    tim stanbury 07792 030311


    1. Hi Tim.
      We are so looking forward to your visit, as you will notice all the new things this year!
      Slight changes to the decor, but lovely things in the garden.
      I’m so glad we will be your refuge!
      Yes, there will be glass in the workshop, as I will be opening my studio during the month of June as part of ‘South East Open Studios’
      hopefully a selection to choose from.
      See you soon.



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